About Me

Last updated in November 2018

My name in Chinese characters is 赵磊 (Pinyin: zhào lěi). Living in the U.S., I adopt the Western name order, and Romanize my name as Lei Zhao.

Zhao (pronounced jow) is the seventh most common surname in mainland China. The character could also be Romanized as Chao, Cho, Chiu, Chu, Jo, Triệu, or some other forms. Lei (pronounced lay) means rocks, or open and honest.

I was born and raised in northern China, and moved to the U.S. in my twenties. With a background in Biology, I worked briefly as a Bioinformatics technician, before returning to my childhood enthusiasm for building computer software. I currently work as a software engineer at Apple.

I live in San Francisco Bay Area with my beautiful wife and five adorable cats. I am a lifelong supporter of Arsenal Football Club. I am not a gamer, but I do love playing Minecraft with family and friends. I also volunteer for OCEF, a charity aiming to help kids in rural areas of China receive education.